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Woodway Blade Skating

The BLADE hockey skating treadmill is ideal for all levels of skaters. From beginners learning fundamentals to professional athletes seeking stride efficiency and endurance development, the BLADE is the ultimate tool for developing technique and improving overall skating abilities.

The key to BLADE training is the controlled atmosphere. Coaches and trainers can easily communicate with skaters, providing constant instruction, evaluation and feedback to get results.

Superior Skating Performance and Developmental Tool:

• Practice crossovers, simulate skating into a corner and skate backwards
• Ability to skate continuously for time or distance
• Use positive and negative elevation to develop speed and power
• Convenient and accurate measurement of speed, distance and time
• Develop hand/eye coordination while maintaining proper stride mechanics

Unlimited Possibilities
The BLADE allows for work on lateral movements, crossovers and continuous striding with over 50 square feet (over 5 square meters) of surface area.

A Sound Investment
WOODWAY has been the worldwide leader in the development of performance treadmill technology for over 35 years. Our knowledge and experience goes into every piece of your BLADE, giving you the peace of mind that comes with investing in a WOODWAY product.

The BLADE Enhances “Real Ice” Training Capabilities

It allows users to train wearing their own skates at variable speeds in a reliable, controlled and safe environment. With 316 ball bearings there is little friction and more importantly little wear and tear on components. The skating surface is so smooth you can even push it by hand!

Skating Surface 83” X 94”
87 individual polyethylene slats
Speed 0 – 20 mph
0-5 mph reverse
Elevation (-5%) – (+35%)
Drive System 316 precision ball bearings, toothed belt and drive wheels
Motor 5 hp continuous (15 hp peak) brushless servo
Weight 3,000 lbs
Electrical 220 V 30 A power supply