Wellness Solutions

Woodway Curve 3.0 Non-Motorized

The CURVE 3.0 adds dynamic force plates and Pacer software to the innovative non-motorized CURVE platform.

Now coaches, trainers and researchers can create custom programming and protocols while training track valuable data.

The CURVE software system is fully programmable and programs can be saved and recalled at will. This permits development of very specific continuous and interval training protocols which mimic the target sport. The Pacer function allows athletes and coaches to save a particular run and then call it up later to act as a pacer. This means the athlete can “race” themselves, or at least their performance from say 6 months previously.

Trial endpoints can be set for time, distance, speed or work. For example, a target distance of 100 meters can be set and then the athlete sprints over this distance and the data collection will finish at the 100 meter mark. Both Metric and English units of measurement are provided.

The sophisticated curved design is the culmination of years of non-motorized design and development by WOODWAY with the key ingredient being WOODWAY’s patented running surface and near-frictionless drive system, allowing the running belt to move freely.

Running Surface 17” X 67”
60 individual rubber slats
Speed No Maximum Speed
Elevation Innovative Curved Design
Drive System 114 precision ball bearings, toothed belt and drive wheels
Motor Human Powered
Weight 350 lbs
Electrical Does not require electrical power source