Wellness Solutions

Woodway Force Non-Motorized

The Force is the ultimate tool for developing speed and power via resistance training. This Sport Loading Platform provides coaches and trainers with a controlled atmosphere from which to develop lower extremity output, increase stride length and increase overall explosiveness with measureable results for their athletes.

How it Works

Based on WOODWAY’s patented slat and ball bearing design, the Force does not have a drive motor, but actually a magnetic braking system (0-150 lb.) that turns the athlete/user into “the force” which drives the belt. The Force works by tethering the athlete to the rear of the treadmill and having them actually spin the belt as they run; adding resistance increases the force that the athlete must generate to run.

The biggest advantage of the Force is the ability to produce measureable results.  Using the Force software, users have access to a range of data from the very simple speed, power, time, heart rate and distance to utilizing computer software that measures, compares and saves horizontal and vertical forces and displays them in graph form for gait analysis and overall athletic system development.

Force Models

The Force is available in 4 different models, each providing a higher degree of data collection and measurability.

Running Surface 22” X 68”
60 individual rubber slats
Speed Non-Motorized
User Weight Capacity Running 500 lbs

Walking 800 lbs

Resistance Electro Magnetic Brake 15-150 lbs of resistance
Drive System 114 precision ball bearings, toothed belt and drive wheels
Weight 560 lbs
Electrical 110 V power supply