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Torque X-Lab Group Training


Unlimited group training potential

With 15 standard configurations starting with a footprint of under 30 square feet, no other system utilizes space as efficiently as the X-Lab. Regardless of your facilities layout, the X-Lab allows you to configure your own unique specialized training platform. It’s scalability allows you to start small, and later grow or customize it for larger group sizes or specialty training stations.

With the X-Lab, one trainer can lead every individual through a class doing the same exercise at the same time, providing safe and effective instruction. No other system can boast this.


Unlimited configurations for your Lab

The base configurations of the X-Lab are divided into two distict versions – Concept Series and the Spider Series. The Concept Series is the original pioneer in group strength training systems. The Spider Series maximizes the number of users for group training while minimizing the square footage required.

Click the icons below to find the configuration that fits your space.



15 different base configurations to fit into any space available. All are scalable and can be added on in the future for expanded users.

Create a small group training profit center in as little space as two treadmills or train six individuals in the space of four.

Create your own unique ulitmate training accessories with specialized attachements such as ball target, heavy bag anchor, ground rotational trainer, high suspension trainer, plyo-steps etc.

The X-Lab adapts. Whatever tools the latest training methods are using, the X-Lab has room to store it. Storage at every station means your members have their tools right where the need them for efficient workouts.