Wellness Solutions

Technogym Selection MED Total Abdominal MED

To tone your abdominals specifically and safely, here is Total Abdominal MED, a certified machine for use in the fields of rehabilitation and sport.

Total Abdominal MED is part of Selection MED, an EEC 93/42 and TÜV certified line dedicated to strength training in the fields of rehabilitation and sport.
To satisfy the requirements of these certifications, it features:

  • new protection systems and explanatory stickers applied at various points on the equipment to help users avoid accidents or entrapping their fingers;
  • components that help you access the machine more simply and enjoy a safer and better controlled workout, even at the beginning of the rehabilitation process or when gradually recovering functionality after a sports injury.

What’s it for?

Using a bending motion in the hip and torso, total Abdominal MED precisely and specifically stimulates your abdominal muscles.

Research conducted by Technogym’s Scientific Department has shown that activating the abdominals through simultaneously bending the torso and the hip is even more effective than bending the torso alone.

Used correctly and repeatedly, it can:

  • specifically tone your abdominals;
  • prevent and treat joint problems in the lumbosacral area and hip;
  • improve your posture.

What is Total Abdominal MED like?

To give you the proper lumbar support, our scientific department has created an anatomical seat that ensures the right contact surface for the whole muscular and skeletal structure.

The equipment also features run limiting blocks and a limited range of motion when extending to eliminate the risk of hyper-extending the back during exercise.

There is easy access to plenty of adjustments that let you start your exercise in the right position for you.

How is it used?

After selecting the right adjustments for you, with your hands at your chest extend your spinal column forward, pivoting against the backrest.

To avoid creating excessive load on your overall musculature, do not push with your feet and try not to bend past 90°.