Wellness Solutions

Technogym Selection MED Vertical Traction MED

With Vertical Traction MED you can strengthen the muscles in your back and arms and work specifically and safely on shoulder joint problems.

Vertical Traction MED is part of Selection MED, an EEC 93/42 and TÜV certified line dedicated to strength training in the fields of rehabilitation and sport.
To satisfy the requirements of these certifications, it features:

  • new protection systems and explanatory stickers applied at various points on the equipment to help users avoid accidents or entrapping their fingers;
  • components that help you access the machine more simply and enjoy a safer and better controlled workout, even at the beginning of the rehabilitation process or when gradually recovering functionality after a sports injury.

What’s it for?

Vertical Traction MED simulates a downward pulling motion that works many of your muscles in a specific way: those in the upper arm (biceps, brachial, brachioradialis), lats, pectorals, abs, and the scapulohumeral and elbow joints. Using Vertical Traction MED consistently and constantly, you can:

  • specifically train the muscles in your lats and arms;
  • stabilize the shoulder joint;
  • improve any imbalances in the arms or torso;
  • prevent and resolve various kinds of joint problems.

What is Vertical Traction MED like?

The lever arms on Vertical Traction MED are independent and this allows you to use the machine to train even just one arm.

Thanks to the biomechanics, which guided our design of the levers and grips, you’ll always be certain you’re performing the movements correctly no matter your height and weight.
To facilitate your stability and comfort, an adjustable cushion for resting your torso was also added that provides special angles with respect to the plane on which the arms pull.

How is it used?

To perform the exercise correctly, sit with your back resting firmly along the backrest. Then, grasping the two independent-motion levers, pull downward. Try to keep your shoulders, elbows, and wrists at the same height and control the speed of your movement.