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Keiser Air250 Leg Curl

Air250 Seated Leg Curl
The 250 Leg Curl offers easy entry and exit in a seated position machine. Many people find a seated leg curl less intimidating. The seated position also protects the lower back by preventing the hamstrings from pulling the pelvis and straining the lower back. The leg cushions and seat back are easily adjusted to comfortably fit almost any user. An adjustable cushion holds the thighs in a comfortable and stable position for maximum results. Thumb buttons, which control resistance, are conveniently located on the thigh support.

Technical Information:
42″ / 1067 mm
45″ / 1143 mm
56″ / 1422 mm
195 lbs / 88 kg
Resistance Range:
0 – 275 lbs / 0 – 125 kg

Lower Body