Wellness Solutions

Technogym Selection Abductor

Specific product for working out the glutes. The exercise is performed from a sitting position by opening and closing the legs. Resistance is placed on the outside of the legs and is provided by a weight stack. The weight can be varied to suit the type of user.

  • Lever for easy to adjust starting position
  • Reduced height for easy accessibility
  • Frontal weight stack for accessibility and modesty
  • Ergonomic seat design
  • Reduced weight stack height

Unique Features of Personal Selection

FRONT WEIGHT COVER – The Front Weight Cover brings a new feel to the product and shields the user from the moving weights whilst he or she is exercising.

TOWEL LOCKING DEVICE – The Towel Locking Device is a simple and effective way to secure a towel in place and ensure the machine is kept clean for use by the next user.

TOP COVER– The Top Cover has been enlarged to help all users easily interpret and read the instructions and exercises. Our equipment has been designed to be easy and enjoyable to operate, even for users with limited eyesight.

  • Specific training of the abductors
  • Prevention and treatment of joint and muscle problems in the hips and pelvis
  • Improvement in muscle tone and efficiency of the legs

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