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Technogym Selection MED Glute MED

Glute MED is a certified product in the Selection MED line that helps to tone and strengthen your glutes.

Glute MED is part of Selection MED, an EEC 93/42 and TÜV certified line dedicated to strength training in the fields of rehabilitation and sport.
To satisfy the requirements of these certifications, it features:

  • new protection systems and explanatory stickers applied at various points on the equipment to help users avoid accidents or entrapping their fingers;
  • components that help you access the machine more simply and enjoy a safer and better controlled workout, even at the beginning of the rehabilitation process or when gradually recovering functionality after a sports injury.

What’s it for?

Glute MED selectively trains your glutes, naturally excluding the other muscle groups.
Through a guided and controlled movement that extends your hip, it helps you:

  • strengthen and improve the muscle tone of your glutes;
  • prevent and treat joint and muscle problems in your hips and pelvis.

What is Glute MED like?

Thanks to the careful study into biomechanics conducted by our Scientific Department, the pelvis and back remain in the correct position throughout the entire exercise.

The two-height platform makes it easy to use the machine, whatever your height and weight.

The well-designed cam guarantees that constant muscular force is maintained throughout the entire range of movement.

How is it used?

Glute Med is very simple to use: after climbing onto the machine and making the appropriate adjustments based on your body, rest one foot on the platform and rest the other leg in front of the roller. Holding your abdomen against the padding, grab the handles and extend your leg backward.

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