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Technogym Selection MED Leg Curl MED

Part of the Selection MED line that trains the knee flexion muscles: it’s Leg Curl MED.

Using a guided and controlled bending movement, Leg Curl MED works specifically on the muscles and joints that allow you to bend your knee.

The machine has two rollers/cushions: the lower one, on which you rest your calf and which moves downward during the motion (allowing you to bend your leg), and the upper one that holds your leg in place to keep you in the right position.

Like the entire Selection MED line, the machine is EEC 93/42 and TÜV certified, which means it is safe and usable whatever your age or physical condition, especially if you are in the early phases of rehabilitation after an injury or surgery (for example after knee prosthesis).

New adjustments for a safe range of motion

Leg Curl MED offers a new ROM (range of motion) adjustment that allows you to choose between a maximum bend of 110° and an extension of 0°.

Thanks to the easily reachable grip and the ergonomic button, you can move the lever and lock it in the best position for performing the exercise.

The tibial roller for simpler access and correct exercise

For simpler access, you can raise the upper tibial roller all the way.

This same roller is designed to keep your joints in a stable and correct position throughout the entire movement.

Adjustable seat and adjustable counterweight

The effectiveness of the machine is also guaranteed by adjustments in the seat, which allow you to use the muscles in question without overloading them, while keeping the pelvis in the correct position.
The seat can also be adjusted to 95°, 102.5°, or 110°, making different exercises possible.

The adjustable counterweight lets you increase or reduce the inertia of the exercise as you perform the movement.

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