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Technogym Selection MED Leg Extension MED

Leg Extension MED is a machine in the Selection MED line that you can use to strengthen the quadriceps.

One of the new members of the Selection MED family, the EEC 93/42 and TÜV certified strength training line, is Leg Extension MED.
In response to the parameters that these certifications require, the machine includes new protections and components.

The machine consists of a resting cushion (popliteal support behind the knee), which helps you get into the right position at the beginning of the exercise, and a roller that rests above your legs, in the position you prefer.
By raising the roller, you can perform an extension movement that works your quadriceps.

Carefully researched biomechanics

Leg Extension MED is designed to ensure safe and stable exercise.

Thanks to the study of biomechanics conducted by our Scientific Department, the knee joint remains in the correct position (no matter your weight or height) throughout the entire movement.

The adjustable counterweight lets you increase or reduce the inertia of the exercise as you perform the movement.

Physiocam: a new cam that makes the equipment right for you

The Physiocam system has a cam  with a special shape that can distribute and deliver the load in an even more graduated way depending on your needs. Thanks to this system your exercise is:

  • safe and fluid, since no joints or muscles are overloaded;
  • effective in activating the muscles you want to work on;
  • variable in intensity according to the characteristics of your muscles;
  • suited to your body and training needs.

Adjustments that protect you

Leg Extension Med features an adjustable tibial rest with 21 positions: this allows you to select the orientation that best accommodates your legs and avoid performing uncomfortable exercise that can be dangerous for your knee, even when you change the lever arm. Even the ROM (range of motion) can be adjusted using the special lever on the right side.
You can choose a range of motion from 110 degrees of bend to -20 of extension.

For added comfort, the machine also offers a backrest with an integrated cervical support, which offers you three different tilt angles: 95, 110 or 125°. Finally, a safety belt helps you stay firmly in the correct position and avoids misdirecting your power when executing the exercise.

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