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Technogym Selection MED Leg Press MED

Thanks to the MRS, Leg Press MED allows you to perform lower limb exercises with five different types of resistance.

With a movement that reproduces the basic motion of a squat, Leg Press MED strengthens your lower limbs precisely and effectively.
Like the entire Selection MED line, the equipment is EEC 93/42 and  TÜV certified.

Its biomechanics are designed to offer a variety of training options, making it suitable for you if:

  • you need to recover functionality after a surgery or injury;
  • you want to prevent joint problems, even at an advanced age;
  • if you’re an athlete and want to strengthen your leg muscles more intensely.

By choosing different adjustments, you can combine isotonic and elastic resistance, changing the type of movement and the intensity of the exercise, so that it’s always safe and comfortable in any physical condition.

A single machine that fulfils five different requirements

Thanks to the new MRS (Multiple Resistance System), with Leg Press MED you can combine or isolate different types of methods:

  • isometric: if you’re just starting your rehab, this is a static exercise in which you simply push, allowing you to tone your muscles without moving them. In this case, you simply sit down, rest your foot or feet on the platform, and push;
  • no load: this movement is right for you if you’re in the early phases of rehab and need to learn the movement, because it’s performed with motion but without resistance;
  • elastic: if you want to train with elastic resistance;
  • lifting the weight stack: type of exercise that allows you to pursue muscle strengthening goals;
  • combined: a movement that combines the two elements of resistance the machine offers, allowing you to train using both elastic and isotonic resistance.
    Suitable for you if you’re an athlete and want to improve your performance.

 A safe tool that can adapt to your body

With Leg Press you’ll always find the right position for your height and weight, and you’ll be sure you’re working correctly. This is thanks to:

  • an adjustable backrest that lets you arrange the machine to six different angles (115°/125°/135°/145°/155°/165°);
  • the telescopic single-foot rest helps you stay in the correct and safe position;
  • the adjustable shoulder pads let you choose from among 12 different positions to involve different muscles.

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