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Techogym Selection MED Abductor MED

Helpful for strengthening and toning glutes and thighs, Abductor MED is a machine that can help you prevent and treat orthopaedic problems and make your legs more efficient.

Abductor MED is part of Selection MED, an EEC 93/42 and TÜV certified line dedicated to strength training in the fields of rehabilitation and sport.
To satisfy the requirements of these certifications, it features:

  • new protection systems and explanatory stickers applied at various points on the equipment to help users avoid accidents or entrapping their fingers;
  • components that help you access the machine more simply and enjoy a safer and better controlled workout, even at the beginning of the rehabilitation process or when gradually recovering functionality after a sports injury.

What’s it for?

Abductor MED specifically trains the abductor muscles – the ones on the outer thigh – and it can help you:

  • improve and strengthen muscle tone, and therefore the efficiency of your legs;
  • prevent and treat joint and muscle problems in your hips and pelvis.

What is Abductor MED like?

Thanks to the careful study into biomechanics conducted by our Scientific Department, it is sure that you will always keep your body in the correct position throughout the entire range of motion.

The weight stack is located in front, giving you more privacy during your exercise, but the reduced height also keeps the visual area in front of you free at all times.

Finally, the lever openings are adjustable to give you easy access to the machine.

How is it used?

Abductor Med is a very easy machine to use: once you’re seated, you perform the exercise by opening and closing your legs.

The resistance, placed on the outside of your legs, is provided by a weight stack that can be adjusted according to your weight, height, and training needs.

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