Wellness Solutions

Torque M Seated Leg Curl


What Users See

  • Clean sight lines through fully shrouded towers, all of uniform 5 foot height
  • Convenient integrated rubber trays for storage of water bottle, keys, MP3, etc.
  • Easily recognizable orange adjustment handles

What Users Feel

  • Smooth direct function from Kevlar belts & internally lubricated cables
  • Automatic adjustment to any user’s size through trailing arm floating tibia pad
  • Gradual resistance increases through drop down weight increment system
  • Easy racheting back pad adjustment

What Users Trust

  • Maintenance free durability from sealed ball bearings in nylon wheels over chromed rails
  • Indestructible solid steel weight plates riding on 3/4 inch solid steel chromed guide rods
  • Durable grips from non-absorbing rubber compound secured with aluminum collars
  • Magnetic attached weight stack pin with break away lanyard to prevent loss or damage

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