Wellness Solutions

FM EPIC Assisted Dip-Chin

The FreeMotion EPIC Assisted Dip-Chin functionally trains muscles in back, upper arms and chest. Builds postural strength and endurance.

+ Textured Weight Assist Bar

Bar features Linex® coating to prevent user’s foot from slipping and pivots up for user to perform unassisted exercise.

+ Multi-position Handles

Dip handles rotate for different widths to allow for various users. Curved pull-up handles give user option for multiple hand positions and grip widths.

+ Textured Step

Coated with Linex®, steps allow users secure foot placement when preparing for exercise.

+ Cable

Heavy-duty, 3/16 in. cable is rated to 2,000 lbs. minimum tensile strength.

+ Weight Stack

Oval-shaped stack is enclosed to limit access to moving parts.

+ Bolt-down Strap

For added safety, equipment can be bolted to the floor.

+ Floor Protectors

Made of molded rubber, these guards protect the floor.

+ Serviceability

The tower design allows for simple cable service while the removable upholstery allows for easy replacement of wear items.

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