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Technogym Inclusive Chest Press Inclusive

Thanks to Element+ Chest Press Inclusive you can tone and strengthen your pectorals in a way that is both comfortable and effective.

Element+ Chest Press Inclusive enables you to specifically train your pectorals, using an arched-shaped motion that involves the pushing motion of the upper limbs.

What’s Element+ Chest Press Inclusive like?

Element+ Chest Press Inclusive is fitted with a seat that can easily be removed, even by wheelchair users, and with additional handgrips, that allow the machine to be used without exerting the shoulders.

The removable seat is easy to move, even with only one hand, thanks to the handle located a mere 60 cm from the floor: this mechanism is simple and comfortable, especially for those who have difficulty in bending down.

The numbers on the weight stack are tactile, and the smart pin for selecting the weight stack is yellow and easy to grasp.

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