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Technogym Inclusive Ercolina Rehab Inclusive

Selection Ercolina Rehab Inclusive is a product that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises and progressions for the full body.

Selection Ercolina Rehab Inclusive allows you to choose from a wide range of exercises for all the parts of the body.
To perform the exercise you must stand facing the machine.

Resistance is provided by a weight stack connected to a cable with a double outlet on the top and bottom, to which the various accessories and handles supplied can be attached.

Also, by using the handles and the other accessories, you can further personalize your training session.

What’s Selection Ercolina Rehab Inclusive like?

The numbers on the weight stack are tactile and yellow, and therefore easy to see and comprehend.

Thanks to the release mechanism that lets you adjust the product with only one hand, the pulley can be easily regulated from both sides.

Upper Body