Wellness Solutions

Technogym Selection Ercolina Rehab

Multi-functional equipment for performing a wide variety of exercises for the whole body. The exercises are performed with the user positioned in front of the product, which consists of a column. Resistance is provided by a weight stack linked to a height adjustable cable, to which various accessories and handles (supplied) can be attached.

  • Multifunctional equipment allowing a wide variety of exercises
  • The modular solution allow the USer to choose different configurations
  • We offer two basic modules:
  • height adjustable handle (Ercolina Rehab)
  • hi-low handle (Ercolina)
  • and different accessories kit to compose the different configurations
  • Modules can be installed alone or used to compose workstations: 2, 3 or 4 allowed (read carefully the attached coding details)
  • Each module is fitted with lateral bar, ankle band and 3 different types of grip

EASE OF USE: all exercise equipment has been designed to make use easy and intuitive.
VISUAL SET UP: everything the user has to touch to make the necessary adjustments for assuming the correct position is the same colour (yellow).
BIOMECHANICAL: on Selection Line the trajectories can be traced back to natural, harmonious and ergonomic motor sequences. Movement is smooth and fluid.
COMFORT: seats and backrests are ergonomic, allowing the user to assume a physiologically correct posture during the execution of each exercise.

  • Specific training for the improvement of sports performance
  • Training of all the muscle groups
  • Option of customised workouts

Upper Body