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Technogym Selection MED Chest Press MED

With Chest Press MED from the Selection MED line, you can tone and strengthen your pectorals in a safe, effective, and controlled way.

Chest Press MED is part of Selection MED, an EEC 93/42 and TÜV certified line dedicated to strength training in the fields of rehabilitation and sport.
To satisfy the requirements of these certifications, it features:

  • new protection systems and explanatory stickers applied at various points on the equipment to help users avoid accidents or entrapping their fingers;
  • components that help you access the machine more simply and enjoy a safer and better controlled workout, even at the beginning of the rehabilitation process or when gradually recovering functionality after a sports injury.

What’s it for?

Chest Press Med specifically trains your pectoral muscles, using a motion that follows a converging and ascending elliptical arc that involves a pushing action in your upper limbs.
That’s why, with Chest Press MED you can:

  • strengthen and increase the size of your pectorals;
  • prevent and treat joint problems in your shoulder blades and shoulders.

What is Chest Press MED like?

To help you assume the correct position and protect your spine, the backrests on the machine feature cushions offering lumbar, dorsal, and cervical support.

The biomechanics of the machine allow you to perform the movement trajectory correctly every time, whatever your height or weight.

Finally, the exercise is even more intuitive thanks to grips offering a comfortable anatomical shape, which always guarantee a perfect hold.

How is it used?

To use Chest Press Med, rest your entire back along the seat, grasp the handles, and with a slow, controlled motion, extend your arms simultaneously without blocking your elbows.
Remember to keep your elbows at the same height as your wrists and shoulders.

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