Wellness Solutions

Torque F2 Functional Trainer


What Users See
Sculpted lines and a color scheme that look good in any room
A compact footprint that doesn?t dominate the room, giving you more choices for room placement
Convenient onboard storage for grip handles, leg boot, squat harness, straight bar, universal adapter, workout manual, and water bottle.

What Users Feel

Natural movement in 3-dimensional space, the way your body moves in everyday and sports activities
Explosive power and quickness conditioning from a 1/2 to 1 resistance ratio that enables high speed movement with low inertia
Body weight assistance at chin-up station enabling progression from partial weight to full weight exercise
Independent arm and leg training from dual swivel pulleys for standing, sitting or kneeling positions
Reduced physical and mental fatigue through exercise quality with variety you?ll never outgrow
Quick accessory changeover with patent pending FAST-Attach? connection system

What Users Trust
Maintenance free durability from chrome plated guide rods and carriage upright
Durable grips from non-absorbing rubber compound
Rubber over molded weight stack selector pin that safely stays attached to the weight plates magnetically
Professional workout instruction from an illustrated total body workout flip chart depicting 45 different exercises supplemented by workouts online
A 30 year culture of long term durability and customer service.

Upper Body