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RubberFlex Komfort

rubber flex komfort

Komfort is a combination of a cushioned based layer combined with a durable wear layer of highly compressed EPDM rubber layer. Komfort is available in a standard 5/16” (8mm) thickness but custom thickness and colors are available. You can install RubberFlex Komfort indoors or outdoors, as our system is UV stable.

Like all RubberFlex products, Komfort is an environmentally responsible choice. We incorporate up to 100% post-consumer and post-industrial rubber.

We provide optimum shock absorption and resiliency for running, walking, or standing. Komfort reduces the potential for stress and injury yet it’s slip resistant.

Komfort Rolls are available in three standard colors.

Rolls are 4 ft. wide by 50 ft. long.


RubberFlex Komfort - Light Grey RubberFlex Komfort - Brick Red RubberFlex Komfort - Green RubberFlex Komfort - Beige
RFX-K1 Light Grey RFX-K2 Brick Red RFX-K3 Green RFX-K4 Beige*
RubberFlex Komfort - Cocoa RubberFlex Komfort - Blue
RFX-K5 Cocoa* RFX-K6 Blue*