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arena flex

The ArenaFlex product line is manufactured with a recycled rubber base and a virgin rubber top surface. The two layers are vulcanized to create a homogenous floor tile that is durable, non-porous and easy to maintain.

We offer ArenaFlex in two (2) distinct color patterns.

The ArenaFlex “S” has a textured, non-slip finish with a marbleized swirl within the solid base color. The 3/8” (9mm) thickness provides sound deadening characteristics and is ideal for ice arenas or where heavy duty flooring is required.

The ArenaFlex “F” has a hammered texture with accent colors flecks within the solid base color. It is manufactured using the same vulcanized process as ArenaFlex “S”.

ArenaFlex offers style and function and will perform for years.

ArenaFlex tiles are available in standard square edge or as an interlocking, loose-lay tile.


ArenaFlex - Granite Vein ArenaFlex - Red Streak ArenaFlex - Night Rain ArenaFlex - Ocean Blue
512 Granite Vein 520 Red Streak 530 Night Rain 540 Ocean Blue
ArenaFlex - Green Meadow ArenaFlex - Espresso ArenaFlex - Muddy Water ArenaFlex - Putty
550 Green Meadow 562 Espresso 567 Muddy Water 575 Putty
ArenaFlex - Plum Pudding ArenaFlex - Earthworks
590 Plum Pudding 720 Earthworks


ArenaFlex - Grey Mix ArenaFlex - Red Mix ArenaFlex - Black Mix ArenaFlex - Blue Mix
510 Grey Mix 520 Red Mix 530 Black Mix 540 Blue Mix
ArenaFlex - Putty Mix ArenaFlex - Plum Mix
575 Putty Mix 590 Plum Mix