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The GymVersal Multi-Purpose Sports Floor is an environmentally friendly, multi-layered system comprised of a recycled rubber granulate base covered with four coats of polyurethane. This system allows for a seamless floor installation, making GymVersal an ideal solution for multi-purpose facilities.

GymVersal is truly a multi-functional floor offering excellent shock absorption, sound absorption, and durability. GymVersal has excellent mechanical strength to support heavy equipment and is suitable for a variety of uses including exhibits, child care rooms, cafeterias and multi-use arenas.

GymVersal, installed as an indoor track system, provides the resilience, shock absorption, and traction necessary for safe, comfortable indoor running and walking. With an indoor jogging track, running can be incorporated into warm ups and exercise routines to add versatility and variety to a facility.

GymVersal carries a three (3) year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

  1. matte top coat
  2. 1.5mm layer self-leveling polyurethane seamless layer
  3. .5mm layer self-leveling polyurethane seamless layer
  4. seal coat
  5. 6mm or 7mm polyurethane bound rubber granulated sub layer
  6. 2-part adhesive

GymVersal is comprised of a recycled polyurethane bound rubber base mat and is topped with four coats of polyurethane. It can be installed in a range of thicknesses from the standard ¼” (6mm) to ½” (12 mm).


Gymversal - Tan Gymversal - Camel Gymversal - Gold Gymversal - Grey
Tan Camel Gold Grey
Gymversal - Terra Cotta Gymversal - Green Gymversal - Blue
Terra Cotta Green Blue


Gymversal - Line Red Gymversal - Line Yellow Gymversal - Line Grey Gymversal - Line Green
Red Yellow Grey Green
Gymversal - Line Blue Gymversal - Line Orange Gymversal - Line Black Gymversal - Line White
Blue Orange Black White