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IronWeave Carpet Tiles are designed for durability, color retention and wear resistance. Polypropylene fibers are needle punched or individually inserted into a bitumen, water-proof backing. This manufacturing process eliminates any possibility of fraying or carpet runs. IronWeave Carpet Tiles are anti-microbial, resistant to water spills, and will not stain or mildew.

For facilities that require floor covering that must endure heavy traffic, constant impact or even abuse – IronWeave Carpet Tiles are the right choice. Perfect for entry foyers, hallways, classrooms, locker rooms, fitness centers, day care centers, ice arenas, golf course venues, to name a few applications. IronWeave requires minimal maintenance, no special equipment or cleaning products. To keep any facility looking clean and inviting, IronWeave tiles should be vacuumed daily. Spills should be removed immediately with an absorbent cotton cloth and clean water.


IronWeave - Anthracite IronWeave - Brown Sugar IronWeave - Cardinal Red IronWeave - Cocoa
Anthracite Brown Sugar Cardinal Red Cocoa
IronWeave - Evergreen IronWeave - Marine IronWeave - Mid Grey IronWeave - Sisal
Evergreen Marine Mid Grey Sisal


IronWeave - Smokey Grey IronWeave - Marble IronWeave - Deep Blue IronWeave - Olive
Smokey Grey Marble Deep Blue Olive
IronWeave - Beige IronWeave - Khaki IronWeave - Chocolate IronWeave - Ruby Red
Beige Khaki Chocolate Ruby Red


IronWeave - Beige IronWeave - Black Shadow IronWeave - Charcoal IronWeave - Cognac
Beige Black Shadow Charcoal Cognac
IronWeave - Denim IronWeave - Grey IronWeave - Beige IronWeave - Rootbeer
Denim Grey Olive Rootbeer